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Newcomer Investor

  • Robo-Advisor
  • Invest in diversified universe of best ETFs with focus on sustainability
  • Starting with amount of 10'000 CHF / EUR / USD
  • Management fee of 0.65% p.a.

It's that simple. With the following 4 steps you are ready to go.

  • Start with personal money-make-over (3-5 min).
  • Book unbinding and free online appointment for review
    (15-30 min) with us (best via our calendly link).
  • We open your investment portfolio at the leading
    online bank in Switzerland.
  • We inform you once our investment portfolio is live and
    ready to go.
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Expert Investor

  • Wealth Management / discretionary mandate
  • Invest in institutional investment products with focus on sustainability / gender equality / best talents
  • Starting with amount of 100'000 CHF / EUR / USD
  • Management fee starting at 0.4% p.a.

It's that simple. With the following 4 steps you are ready to go.

  • Start with free & personal portfolio check (5 min).
  • Book an unbinding and free calendly appointment with us
    for review (15-30 min).
  • We open your investment portfolio at the bank of your choice and set up limited power of attorney.
  • Start your investment journey with us.

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Common Questions

What do you mean by goal based investing?
Marmot has flipped the boring and traditional approach to investing with a real-life, mission- based approach. Clients select personal financial goals such as buying a property, starting a company, raising a family, and retiring well or travelling the world, among others. 

Marmot is unique in taking into account a woman’s longer lifespan and different salary curves, combined with her current financial situation, to construct highly customized investment portfolios for each of her goals.
Marmot’s unique algorithms are designed to get the client to her goal number or better in 70% of market scenarios, higher than traditional financial advisors.
How do I permanently increase my return?
Timing is difficult and beating the market with the better stock selection as well. “Chasing alpha” and “beating the market” don’t matter. Your goals do. So we focus on that.

Is Marmot only for Women?
Marmot was founded to help close the gender money gaps, but we welcome clients of all gender identities and expressions. Our digital investing platform uses gender-specific salary curves and longevity data to provide personalized recommendations and forecasts for your goals.

“I wanted to set myself up properly as an expat in Zurich. Later I dream of owning my own business and for this goal I first need to build up passive income. Marmot proved to be the perfect match.”

Celine Goreng • Zurich

Marmot is regulated in Switzerland as an independent asset manager.